• Lynn at work

I love quiet, subtle things. When I travel my photographs are often of small details that others might never notice. As a child a rock pool, with its little creatures going about their business, would keep me entertained for hours. It still does. When I garden the weeds don’t get pulled because I’m too busy admiring their forms and wondering how best to translate them into metal.

As an artist I try to capture the details that so capture me.

My mother's family has been in Bermuda for many generations and for that I am grateful. My beautiful, little island is a constant source of inspiration.

I have been an artist for many years working in a variety of media. I am primarily a jeweller working with sterling silver and semi-precious stones. I trained in a fine jewellery workshop with several master goldsmiths, one of whom is now my husband. We have one married son.

My textiles have been juried into many shows in Bermuda and have been purchased for private and corporate collections all over the world, including Fabrikal Corporation, The Ace Foundation and The Bermuda National Gallery.

My jewellery can be found at The Craft Market in Dockyard and there is a selection of my Island Collection at Brown and Co., Front Street, Hamilton and at Seaglass, Water Street, St. Georges. My textiles may be seen through appointment.


My Bermuda Collection speaks for itself. The things I love about my home have been a joy to create as jewellery for you to wear to remind you of your trip to Bermuda - Longtails swooping over the South Shore in the spring, the tiny Whistling Frog outside my kitchen door, my Grandmother's cottage, the elegant Starfish and all the others.

I work mainly in sterling silver as that is the metal I love to wear myself and the stones I choose are mostly semi-precious and cabochon cut. My jewellery is simple, clean-lined, inspired by my beautiful, little island and very easy to wear.


I am constantly astonished by what fabric can do. It is such an expressive medium. It can be ripped, painted, dyed, rumpled, ironed, pleated, burned, bleached and all of that before you start stitching it. I love handling it and working with it and I have a lot of it.

Mixed media

Here you will find some of the other things that fascinate me. Books have always been important to me. I used to think I would write but somehow the words alone didn't satisfy me. It is the book as an object that I love. The whole thing - words, pages, textures, ideas, form, weight. As I have slowly started to explore book making, new paths are beckoning.

In the workshop

My least favourite job…polishing.
It’s noisy, dirty and hard on the fingers but it’s what makes my jewellery sparkle

Here I am setting a nice stone… carefully!

What an untidy bench… but I work better that way

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